Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School and Office Supplies to Tickle Your Fancy

Confession: I have a serious addition to office and school supplies.

And yes, fall is my favorite time of year, mostly because of all those back-to-school sales that happen at the end of summer and beginning of autumn.  I've been a good girl this year (so far), so I've limited my buying to notebooks--all 15 of them.  I guess I did buy some glue sticks, too...oh, and some expensive pens with pink ink...and possibly a few other things....

Anyway, in the spirit of back-to-school fun, here are links to some of the coolest office or school supplies around.

SUCK UK Block Notes - Sticky Memo Pads
Keep Calm and Tetris On

These Block Notes were developed by some uber cool dude from the UK.  The company that produces them, SUCK UK, makes all sorts of unique products (and many different awesome office supplies, too). You can check out their website here: I also like their SMS sticky notes and their cork globe.

Everything Is Better With Bacon

The Japanese company Gladly Gladee came up with this brilliant bacon pencil case.

Almost makes me hungry just looking at it. You can see their other cute cases at I particularly love the banana, the paint tubes, and the milk carton.


Scotch tape is taking on the NFL with these too-cool-for-words football tape dispensers. They've got them for every team in the NFL as well as in solid blue, white, or red for those of us who can't decide which team to root for.  You can check out the whole line here:  Also, take a look at the tape dispenser line of high-heeled shoes, in case you aren't the sporty type.

Eh, What's Up, Doc?

How about this awesome carrot pen?  You can't go wrong when writing with one of these.  Office Playground has many, many, many more novelty pens, too, in case you aren't interested in playing with your food.
Some of my other favorites are the octopus tentacle, the sand timer, and the missile with the exploding note paper. Check out the whole line here:

Style and Composition

I love love love composition notebooks.  But I get tired of the usual marbled covers. Poppin has come out with a line of much cooler cover designs. Check out the whole line here:

Got any other cool office or school supplies I should know about? Please leave a comment and tell me!

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